Therapy possibilities

Self-treatment with Soft Laser

Please note that this EarLaser will be replaced by a new generation in the next 2 weeks. The new EarLaser4 will require a significantly shorter daily treatment time and will be about 20 times more effective. The costs amount to CHF 540.00 (or rental for 3 months: CHF 270.00). Soon our new homepage will also be launched where the new TinniTool EarLaser4 will be presented.
With this patented Swiss Soft Laser technology a solution was found for treating tinnitus (ringing in the ears) yourself and similar inner ear disorders, such as partial deafness due to tinnitus, ear pressure, morbus M�ni�re (dizziness), acute hearing loss and hearing distortion.
The Soft Laser System consists of the MedicLaser (5mW output power and 650nm wavelength) and the headset EarTool (fibreglass optical fibre in the ear). The device was conceived so that treatment could be carried out at home (without medical knowledge). The laser treatment accompanying the therapy is especially promising.

The treatment with the TinniTool EarLaser is completely safe and painless. The laser beam even penetrates the deeper subcutaneous layers and works as curative bio-stimulation directly on the metabolism in the connective tissue. This leads to rapid regeneration of the hearing cells, stimulation of the immune system, acceleration of cell division and activation of specific defensive molecules. More than 40'000 affected persons have already been successfully treated with this system.

Many disorders arise through a deficiency of ATP (adenosine triphosphate), the cell energy necessary for life. ATP is a key substance in our cells. The mitochondria (cell power-plants) provide ATP energy for the cell processes through glucose combustion. ATP deficiency leads to cell damage and destruction in the end, but concentrated MedicLaser light (650 nm wavelength) stimulates glucose combustion to improve the ATP supply. The MedicLaser and EarTool therapy can therefore accelerate the regeneration of damaged cells in the auditory system.

The principle of EarTool (headset) is to project the needed energy from the MedicLaser concentratedly and precisely on the ailing area by means of an elaborate fibreglass cable. With the optimized EarTool we set new standards regarding product quality and ease of handling. The new EarTool fits better on the head and is more comfortable. Due to the perfect positioning of the EarTool the laser beam can reach the inner ear more exactly. An additional inner-ear treatment with laser-acupuncture increases the effect of the EarLaser. Detailed instructions for self-treatment are enclosed with the EarLaser. In the case of chronic tinnitus, sleep disturbances and difficulty in relaxation, the treatment should be accompanied by the acoustic therapy.

The laser treatment underwent successful long-term testing in hospitals and in physician practices. It was submitted to extensive medical tests and proven scientifically by various medical studies. The safety and effect of the EarLaser were attested and certified medically.

Suitable with symptoms like:
      - Acute and chronic tinnitus since 3 years
      - Partial deafness due to tinnitus
      - Morbus M�ni�re (dizziness)
      - Acute hearing loss and hearing distortion
      - Consequences of a middle ear inflammation
      - Circulatory problem in the inner ear

The TinniTool EarLaser can either be purchased or rented for a period of three months (CHF 239.-). Rental occurs only per payment in advance, cash on delivery or credit card. If you should be convinced about laser therapy afterwards and wish subsequently to purchase the device, we will deduct from the invoice the rental amount already remunerated.

Technical data:
Output power: 5 mW
Wavelength: 650 nm
Treatment time: ca. 20 minutes per day
Skin penetration: ca. 1.8 cm
Warranty: 2 years
Battery operation: 2 x 1.5V (LR03 AAA)
Laser protection class: 2M
Medical device class: IIa
Medical device testing: CE (Europe), CB (International), ETL (USA/Canada)
Patents: CH (699352), EU (06761280.4), Intern. (PCT/CH 2006/000429)

TinniTool EarLaser: CHF 480.- / EUR 420.-
or rental for three months: CHF 239.- (only possible within Switzerland)
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