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Our team

with residence in Pfaffhausen:

ddd Flavio Sardo
General Manager

Your contact for:
Therapies, research & development, marketing, finance

speaks german, italian, french, and english
Ailinh Ngauv

Consulting / Marketing

Your contact for:
Customer service, product advisory service, distributors care, advertising

speaks german, english, french, cantonese and mandarin

Sonja Kellenberger
Consulting / Import

Your contact for:
Customer service, product advisory service, purchasing, payments

speaks german, italian, english and french
Monika Nastasi
Accounting / Consulting

Your contact for:
Payments, staff, customer service, product advisory service

speaks german

with residence in Embrach:

Dalibor Miloradovic Dalibor Miloradovic 
Warehouse chief

Billing, evaluations, international deliveries
Andrea Landert

Goods received, returns, handling, equipping, packing, despatching
Daniel Stein
Chief Logistic

Controlling, offering, transports
Anna Thomaz

Operating, forwarding, delivery dates, transports

our Outsourcing-Team:

Prof. Dr. J.L. Nidetzky / Dr. Domenico Cuda / Dr. Hans Stadtlaender
Research, studies, tests


Eugen Moor / Erich Zurfluh

Kurt Müller
Chief product development, production

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